In this groundbreaking book, education expert Tony Wagner provides a powerful rationale for developing an innovation-driven economy. He identifies a pattern in the lives of young innovators — a childhood of creative play leads to deep-seated interests, which in adolescence and adulthood blossom into a deeper purpose for career and life goals. Play, passion, and purpose: these are the forces that drive young innovators.

More than a book about innovation, Creating Innovators pioneers an entirely new reading experience. Noted filmmaker Bob Compton, who teamed up with Tony to make the movie “The Finland Phenomenon,” has produced more than 60 original videos that expand on key ideas and passages in the book through interviews with young innovators, their parents, teachers and mentors.


HOME FRONT: Mohammed El Kurd (1 of 4)
Featuring the accounts of a Palestinian teenager forced to share his house with settlers, Home Front chronicles the resolve of a neighborhood, and the support it receives from the most unexpected of places.

an American-born Israeli mother who gets drawn into the demonstrations after her children’s arrest,

a Palestinian community organizer who brings local women to the forefront of the struggle

, and a veteran of the Israeli army who becomes one of the campaign’s leaders,

Iraq war 10 years on: a young artist’s story

Publicado el 16/03/2013
The film is about a young Iraqi who, during the Iraq war in 2003, lost his arm in an explosion. He wanted to study photography at college, but was not accepted because he could not carry or use a camera; he then tried the art department, and was admitted. Drawing with one hand, he has gone on to become a very skilled artist. Despite all he has been through, he has made a life for himself and found hope