Is honesty always best policy.



Honesty is a very important personal quality of each person. I believe that people should learn and teach how to  tell the truth and even try to be more and more honest and therefore try not to be mislead by anyone so as to get something.

Although sometimes the benefits aren´t expected, I strongly believe that sleeping every night with a clear conscience is pricelesss. You can live more peacefully . If everyone were honest, things would be much better. It can save unnecessary costs in the companies such as productivity control, security, etc. We could save a lot of time by saying frankly the things we believe, even  if  I know that this is impossible, it would be a good start.

If you can´t get anything, I think that the worst idea is getting it with lies.

I’d like to conclude by saying that honesty is the best policy. However, on the  other hand, white lies are sometimes necessary not to hurt anybody’s feelings




Ana Mateo


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