American history X. Review


American History X is a film  directed by Tony Kaye and the main actors are Edward Norton and Edward Furlong .

The plot centres on one couple of brothers neonazis . The younger brother ,Danny,wants to follow the same life as his brother, but his elder brother ,Derek,commits a murder and is put in jail.Life in there makes him change because he suffers fom agressions  and the unique way to save his life  is to be helped by A black man.When he is released of prison, he realizes that his brother is going the same things as he did. So  he tries to change him too, but it is useless.

I love this film because it is a real story. In the  world  stories like this still happen. Also I love the character of Derek and Edward Norton ‘s performance.

I recommend this film to everyone who isn’t very sensitive.

Review by Ana. B2 Student


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