Larry King: My Conversation With Hugo Chavez

I found Hugo Chavez conflicting. In a strange way, he was extraordinarily easy to like, but of course many people — both good and bad — who rise to prominence can be that way. Chavez was larger than life. He was very engaging.

Joseph A. Palermo: President Hugo Chavez and America’s “Backyard”

Hugo Chavez defied this history of power relations in the hemisphere. And for that defiance elite voices will vilify him, but a far larger number of people will see him as a hero.

Joe Peyronnin: Chavez’s Legacy

President Hugo Chavez’s death, while not unexpected, brings an uncertain future to a country that he ruled with an iron fist. It also may present a great opportunity for American diplomacy in Venezuela and Latin America.

Yoani Sanchez: The End of Chavez

It was a question of dates, of choosing a date on the calendar to announce what many of us had already imagined. The news of the Hugo Chavez’s death was produced on Tuesday afternoon, but for months his early end was predictable.


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