Being trilingual is a chance for many reasons:

  • Ø It’s like instead of having one friend you had three
  • Ø It’s like instead of having one home you had three or more
  • Ø it’s like instead of getting one point of view you got three or more
  • Ø etc…

So mainly you have a wider range of possibilities to meet people from different countries with other points of view.

You are hence more sociable, open and critical and of course more assertive and self-assured, the key to feeling free to think for yourself and ready to beat your brains out to find out the best type of attitude to adopt in every situation.

All in all you feel FREE to move on anytime, anywhere, anyhow no matter what will happen as no language barrier will stop you.

However it is also true that you often find yourself stuck in a street with no end as confusion overwhelms you when you need to sort out cultural interferences and emotionally you heart blocks your brain.

Having said that, this small downside compensates for all the benefits you obtain from being totally fluent in three languages in a world that is going GLOBAL.



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